This flexible machine is designed to powder coat a range of screw diameters with and without washers, lengths of 25 to 300 mm long.

This standard machine consists of a free standing fabricated steel construction of approx.

6M x 3M foot print. This Machine will be controlled by a plc control system and will be capable of handling a range of screws dia x 25 to 300mm long.

Screws with or without bonded sealing washers. Washers have to be of conductive material.


Screw and washers may be plated and surface treated in most ways, but not waxed or any type of Teflon treated.

Operator is in full control of the painting process, paint thickness curing parameters etc. All powder manufactures of polyester powders should be possible to use [subject to trials].

The line is built and designed for a continuous speed of up to 250 screws per minute, with a colour change over time approximately 30-45 mins for one skilled operator.