Performance Feeders have been able to feed components which our competitors have declined to quote for.

We offer bowl feeders and equipment to our customer’s needs.

We offer standard cast aluminium coated tops, or fabricated from 304, 316, 316L stainless steel to suit virtually any application or industry, from feeding screws, to electrical components, to medical components where the bowls meet FDA requirements.

Horizontal vibratory linear units, Tracks can be made from stainless steel, hardened tool steel, etc., depending application. All can be fitted with end of track stops, electro pneumatic cross shuttles, and lift units, designed to suit customer’s needs.

Powered belt conveyors are also available, again designed to suit customer needs.

Gravity tracks in a variety of materials can be supplied.

Cast aluminium tops can be coated in Teflon, Urethane, etc.

Equipment can be mounted on ground steel or aluminium mounting plates, or tables.

We also offer bulk storage units, and hopper elevators, suitably designed to suit customer’s needs.

Sound enclosures designed to provide access and viewing where needed as well as reduce the system's noise level to acceptable levels.

We even offer totally specialised feeder applications, whatever your application we can help.