This high-speed line for automatic assembling and powder painting of roofing and façade screws is designed and equipped using the latest technologies in this field.

The line is also capable of being modified to suit your specific needs.

The basic design of the production line is to assemble and powder coat screws 4,8 dia x 25-85mm long, with corresponding bonded sealing washers dia 12 and 14mm dia. Washers may be of different materials using both black and grey conductive and non conductive rubber, which allows you to use the most cost effective parts on the market.

Screws and washers may be plated and surface treated in most ways, but not waxed or any type of Teflon treated. The single operator is in full control of the painting process, including paint thickness, curing parameters etc.

The line also gives a consistent and better quality finish that no hand painting production system can achieve.

All powder manufactures of polyester powders can be used [subject to trials]

The line is capable of assembling and powder painting a range of screw and washer sizes 5.5, and 6.3 dia.

The line is built and designed for a continuous speed of 700 assemblies/painting per minute time is approximately 30-45 mins for one skilled operator, additional colour changeover units are available to reduce this time even further.

Depending on local labour and other cost factors, "payback" time for one line if capacity is used full out, could be as short as it takes to run 90 million pcs through the line, say 25 to 35 weeks [based on 3 shift/day 5 day week]