Performance Feeders was given the task was solve a problem to paint a various range of stainless-steel screws for one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners in Germany. The company were using manual labour to paint the screws, which is expensive and more importantly inconsistence in the quality of coating.

The problem also was that the through put, of some screws was low [some batches as low as 5,000]. The detail on the screw heads and low volume would not suit powder coating.

The machine we designed incorporates a sand blasting station, which pre-blasts the screws before painting [a requirement for stainless steel screws. Once blasted and cleaned, the screws are conveyed to a storage area, fitted with a hopper elevator.

The hopper elevator will load the screws into one of our vibratory bowl feeders, then via a gravity track to a pneumatic “loading head” The head will load the screws to a specially designed conveyor system. Once loaded the screws will be wet painted by various paint nozzles. A pre heat oven is used to remove any excess fumes. The second oven then bakes the paint to the screws. Due to the size of the screw, a specially designed conveyor system turns the conveyor chain through 90deg to remove the screws from the chain. The screws are off load onto a floor mounted conveyor and transferred to the customers tote bin via a belt elevator.